Browns' QB carousel just keeps spinning

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Browns are back to a familiar spot -- wondering what the heck will happen at quarterback.

With Jason Campbell sidelined by a concussion in the loss to Pittsburgh, the Browns appear headed to their fourth quarterback change of the season.

And Brandon Weeden, for the third time this season, will be the starter.

“Whoever the quarterback is next week, we’ll get him ready to play,” coach Rob Chudzinski said.

The first four words out of Chudzinski’s mouth are clearly not the ones any coach wants to use heading into the 12th game of the season, but that’s been the Browns' journey this season. From Weeden to Brian Hoyer to Weeden to Campbell to (again) Weeden.

It’s a journey that seems to be taking a toll on the players.

“You got injuries going back to back with the quarterback situation,” said Josh Gordon. “Guys got frustrated by that.”

The switching has not been anyone’s fault, but it’s exacted a price.

“I think for any team it’d be difficult,” Gordon said. “The only benefit is we already played with Brandon. It’s easier to adjust to, but even still, you want the fans to get behind guys. You don’t want them booing guys when they walk on the field.

Which is what happened to Weeden, who heard it again when he replaced Campbell for a play when Campbell hurt his ribs in the first half. It was less pronounced in the second half when Campbell had the concussion, but it was there.

“When they’re booing the quarterback for the home team, it’s never a good thing,” tight end Jordan Cameron said.

“Not ideal,” said center Alex Mack.

Weeden said he had to “laugh” at the boos, but his teammates said he had to hear them. So he must try to quarterback the Browns having struggled (he threw a touchdown to both teams against Pittsburgh) and with the locals not exactly in his corner.

The next opponent: Jacksonville, considered the league doormat.

The Jaguars have won two of three.

The Browns have lost five of six.