Likelihood of a Browns 0-16 season is increasing, according to ESPN Analytics

BEREA, Ohio -- Oh-and-16 anyone?

The Cleveland Browns chances' to finish winless have increased.

ESPN's Analytics say the Browns have just barely better than a one-in-three chance to win any of their remaining six games.
 The likelihood of beating Pittsburgh on Sunday is 21.9 percent.

The best chance for a win is Dec. 11, the week after the team's bye, when the Bengals visit Cleveland. Analytics gives the Browns a 33.6 percent chance in that game.

That's the lowest it's been in a month. At one point, the Browns had a better than 40 percent chance to win a game.

Not anymore.

After the Bengals, the next best chances come against the Chargers at 30.8 percent and the Giants at 27.4 percent.

The other two games the Browns barely have a chance -- 10.7 percent against Buffalo and 11.8 percent against the Steelers in the season finale.

Overall, the chances to lose the final six games have skyrocketed to 20.1 percent; two weeks ago it was less than five percent. The chance to win all six games: one-tenth of a percent.

At 0-10, ESPN Analytics does give the Browns an 87.1 percent chance to gain the top pick in the draft. That likelihood is overwhelming. San Francisco is second at 9.7 percent.

So ... there's that.