Outrage oddly missing on hit on Campbell

Jason Campbell is sidelined by a concussion and Brandon Weeden will start Sunday against Jacksonville.

Yet there's no outrage.

No anger.

No pounding on tables.

Not locally, not nationally, not on the talk shows, not even on "The View."

Campbell was sidelined by a hit that the NFL is trying to abolish. Breathe on a quarterback's head these days, and a flag is thrown. Brush his helmet with a feather, it's a flag.

Yet last Sunday William Gay clubbed Campbell in the face mask, forcing a fumble and key turnover, and little is mentioned.

This isn't to vilify Gay, whose tackle was made fast and aggressively in a game that is supposed to be fast and aggressive. He did not seem to go for Campbell's face mask the way James Harrison ducked his helmet and drove it into Colt McCoy's jaw.

But it was a penalty.

And somehow a referee -- Terry McAulay of Bottle Game fame -- and an umpire standing in the backfield missed Campbell's head snapping to the side as he was hit.

Perhaps it was even too fast for them, but to think two people missed the call ...

And to think it's not the subject of discussion nationwide is even more baffling. Campbell was hit in the face mask, pure and simple. It should have been a penalty and it should be the topic of discussion.

The outrage is completely missing.

And that's wrong. It sure seems that if this hit had happened to Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger or Peyton Manning it would be a topic. That it happened to Campbell, or to a losing team like Cleveland, does not diminish the impact of the hit or the consequences.

Had that flag been thrown, the Browns might (emphasis on might) have gotten into the game. They did little to show they could or would, but the chance was there.

Worse, they're without their starting quarterback because of a hit that should have been flagged.

It will be interesting to see what the league has to say about it.

It'd be nice if there was some outrage from them.