Explaining some mistakes vs. Jaguars

There was plenty of accountability to spread around one day after the Browns lost to Jacksonville.

In two cases, things became clearer.

Cornerback Joe Haden said the entire defense is accountable for the Jaguars' 80-yard game-winning touchdown drive.

“We know at that time, no matter how it got there, [the game] was in our hands,” Haden said. “And we didn’t make the plays. It hurts. It sucks.”

On the other end, coach Rob Chudzinski said Brandon Weeden’s two interceptions go to the quarterback, not the receivers.

“They weren’t good decisions,” Chudzinski said. “The coverage was tight and, as I said before, those are the things that I know Brandon would want back.”

The first came on a seam route to Jordan Cameron that Chudzinski said was thrown into coverage. Cameron appeared open early in the route, but Chudzinski said Weeden threw the ball at the right time -- just into too many defenders.

“It wasn’t late,” Chudzinski said. ""It was just a tough throw to try and fit in there.”

The second was a deep out to a spot on the sideline, and Greg Little was not at the spot. The problem was Weeden again threw into coverage.

“It was a timing route that he threw to a spot and, again, coverage was too tight,” Chudzinski said.

Chudzinski also dismissed questions about being overly aggressive and that he should have played conservatively after Weeden’s first interception and go into the locker room with the game tied. He pointed out that when the protection broke down and Weeden fumbled, Josh Gordon was open down the sideline for a 25-yard gain.

“I want our guys, and we’re going to continue to develop that type of mentality, aggressive mentally,” Chudzinski said. “We’re going to play to win. We’re going to expect good things to happen and make good things happen, as opposed to being concerned about the bad things that might happen. There’s going to be times where it works out and there’s going to be times where it doesn’t work out. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20.”

As Forrest Gump might say, that’s all they have to say about that.