Browns: Jay Cutler a different monster

Josh McCown threw for 348 yards and five touchdowns in Chicago's win Monday night over Dallas, but the Browns won't face him this Sunday.

Bears coach Marc Trestman announced Thursday that Jay Cutler will start for the Bears.

Cutler was the starter until he missed four games to a high ankle sprain. McCown took over and played surprisingly well (13 TDs, one interception this season). But the Bears and McCown maintained Cutler was always the team's starter and when he was healthy he'd start.

What do the Browns say about Cutler?

"Any time you're dealing with who I perceive [to be] one of the more elite quarterbacks in this game, Cutler, he's arguably a top-10 quarterback in this game," Gipson said. "I think that amplifies the situation. No disrespect to Josh McCown, but Jay Cutler is a different monster."

Gipson also knows Cutler's reputation as a gunslinger who isn't afraid to use his strong arm to make a throw.

"Cutler's definitely going to put some balls up for us to make chances," free safety Tashaun Gipson said. "So I'm definitely excited that Cutler's playing"

Cutler has thrown eight interceptions this season, which means three percent of his passes have been picked. McCown's interception accounts for 0.5 percent of his throws. In his career, McCown has thrown 3.4 percent of his passes for picks, the exact same figure as Cutler.

Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton faced Cutler and the Bears last season in Arizona, where Horton ran the same system. Horton addressed the challenge with Cutler.

"Playing him the last couple years, to me it's his feet," Horton said. "You know how strong his arm is and he's a smart quarterback and all that. When you watch his feet and the ability to throw off the wrong foot, to get the ball out quickly, I've been impressed.

"He's smart, strong-armed. Everybody knows that. To me it's his ability to move in the pocket and get the ball off, sometimes on the wrong foot."

Last season, Cutler was 12-for-26 for 152 yards in a 28-13 Bears win over the Cardinals.