Plays that shaped a season: No. 8

The play: The trade of Trent Richardson (OK, it's not a play ... your complaint is filed ... but it mattered).

The situation: A normally quiet Tuesday night early in the season became very busy when the Browns suddenly traded Richardson to Indianapolis.

The reason it mattered: Richardson was the third overall pick in the draft a year earlier. He was a guy the Browns were going to build around. Even a change in front offices didn’t change that stance. But after watching Richardson for two games, and after the Colts offered a first-round pick, the Browns deemed Richardson expendable. They dealt him to the Colts, and though many think this was a great trade for the Browns' front office, it has to pay off with a good player from the draft. Also, the Colts' first-round win over Kansas City in the playoffs made the pick later than the Browns surely thought it would be.