NFLN survey/franchise player: Browns

Quarterbacks dominated the list of Cleveland Browns choices for the one guy they’d pick to start a team.

It’s fitting, given the importance of the position and the nature of the game these days. Browns tackle Joe Thomas went as far as to say this season the game had evolved to the point he’d never draft a running back in the first round. Logical, then, that the Browns favored a quarterback as the player they’d want to start a team with.

The Browns, though, favored Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback of choice, with Peyton Manning second.

That may be because Rodgers is younger than Manning, or it may be because the Browns were lit up by Rodgers during the season.

A loss is always fresh.

Another player given strong consideration for the award was Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck, who is only two years into the league and who took the Colts to the playoffs in both of his seasons.