Poll: What kind of coach do you prefer?

The Cleveland Browns' coaching search goes on.

It’s time for you to weigh in.

With the Denver Broncos advancing to the AFC Championship Game, the Browns have to decide if they want to wait one more week to interview offensive coordinator Adam Gase -- assuming he will. Gase was the first person the Browns asked to interview the day after Rob Chudzinski was let go, so it would seem logical that if they’ve waited this long they would wait one more week.

Or they can hire one of the people they’ve talked to already.

So far, the Browns' search has focused on these types of coaches, and we’d like to hear which you favor:

-- The young "it" coordinator, like Gase. Todd Bowles of Arizona and Dan Quinn of Seattle both fit this category as well.

-- The one experienced coach out there willing to consider the job: Former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.

-- College guys, like James Franklin (who chose to go to Penn State) and Gus Malzahn of Auburn, though it’s not known that either has even interviewed.

-- The one category they haven’t gone with is the former Ohio State coach, Jim Tressel. It appears more than unlikely the Browns will talk to Tressel, perhaps put off because he is 61 and he hasn’t been coaching for two years.

We’ll include the Tressel-type category in the poll anyway, because this is about the type of coach you want to hire, not picking from the guys who were interviewed.

Cast your ballot and we’ll catch up with results as the week goes on.