Mike Munchak the latest to interview

The Cleveland Browns have found another experienced head coach to interview in their coaching search.

Former Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak will interview today. The news was first reported by Alex Marvez of FOX, and confirmed by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and Paul Kuharsky.

The Browns would not comment.

Munchak, 53, coached the Titans for three seasons, 2011-2013, and he went 9-7, 6-10 and 7-9. He spent his entire life with the Titans organization, going back to his days as a player for the Houston Oilers. He had been the team’s offensive line coach from 1997 until 2012, when he was hired as coach. As a player, Munchak was a Hall of Fame lineman for the Oilers from 1982-1993.

In his three years as coach, Munchak focused on and developed the team’s running game. It went from being ranked 31st to 21st to 14th, and the passing game was ranked 12, 22 and 21.

Munchak was let go by the Titans because he would not go along with changes in his coaching staff suggested by the team's front office. He was given the option of firing the coaches and receiving a contract extension and a raise, or lose his job as coach. He chose the principled route.

“Last year we put a lot of time and effort into reshaping the offensive side of the coaching staff,” Munchak said. “When you reshape something, it’s for a lot of reasons. It’s getting the right people working together. You’re taking the noise out of the building as far as the coaching noise as far as guys not agreeing. I thought we had a good group of guys that were all going the right direction. ... Certain things were working. When you start making changes, it affects what coaches come and go, it affects your relationships with the players, it changes the progress of what you have already going on in a lot of areas. That’s my thinking. If the change was necessary, there is no doubt I would have done it.”

He later told The Tennessean in Nashville: “I can’t fire someone when I don’t believe they should be fired. Firing someone is awful. Too many people were going to be affected ... . For me to maintain a job and a lot of guys lose jobs on a plan I didn’t think was right, I couldn’t do that. I’ll make tough decisions, but not if they’re not right.”

Munchak is experienced, he’s been a player and he worked in Tennessee, the home state of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. He has interviewed with Penn State (the job went to James Franklin), Detroit (where Ken Whisenhunt remains the leading candidate) and Houston (to be the team’s offensive line coach).