Poll results, and a new one, on the coach

The poll we ran earlier this week on what type of coach you’d like to see the Cleveland Browns hire sent a pretty clear message.

Fans want someone with head-coaching experience in the NFL, or they want former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.

Those two responses garnered 75 percent of the 2,029 votes, an overwhelming majority.

The highest vote tally went to someone with NFL experience, like Ken Whisenhunt. The poll was published Monday morning, and later that day Mike Munchak, a coach with experience, interviewed with the Browns. The poll was still running the day Whisenhunt was hired by Tennessee, which hurt the category’s final total. Still, 40 percent favored a coach with NFL experience.

The second highest total was for someone “out of the box, like Jim Tressel.” The name probably drew votes -- 35 percent wanted the category that included Tressel.

Very few -- 14 percent -- favored a young college coach, and fewer preferred the “it” coordinator, like Denver’s Adam Gase.

Much has shaken out since this poll, so let’s try another one, this time with specific names.

Four known candidates and Tressel are on the list.

Vote and let’s see who the fans favor.