NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Browns

No Cleveland Browns quarterback received a single vote in the latest NFL Nation poll.

Which should come as no surprise.

The question: What quarterback would you want playing for you in the final minutes of the Super Bowl, with the game on the line?

Tom Brady won.

Peyton Manning finished second.

Aaron Rodgers was third.

But there was not a single vote for a Browns quarterback.

This is significant not because they didn’t receive a vote -- who would vote for any of the guys the Browns used in 2013? -- but for what it says about the franchise 15 years after it returned to the field in 1999.

It has a coach (finally).

But it’s looking for a quarterback (still).

The stark reality hammers home rather well.

In the team’s vote, Browns players favored the same guys the rest of the NFL favored. Brady received four votes, Manning three and Rodgers two.

In the league-wide vote, Michael Vick got a vote. Joe Flacco got a vote. Josh Johnson got a vote (?). But not one vote was cast for a Browns player. The Browns have no quarterback worthy of respect for the biggest game and situation in the game.

Until the Browns have the quarterback, they will not be competing in the biggest game.