Browns position outlook: Cornerbacks

2014 Free agents: None.

The good: The development of starting corners Joe Haden and Buster Skrine was a big positive in 2013. Haden can become one of the better corners in the league, but he has to dedicate himself this next season the same way he did prior to 2013. His maturity and growth were startling. Skrine improved greatly from the struggles of his previous season. Both players are young and talented. If they keep working they will only get better.

The bad: Leon McFadden had a typical rookie season, which is to say he was targeted often. The reason it didn’t stop is McFadden never forced teams to stop throwing at him. Many rookies struggle, so it’s way too soon to give up on him. But McFadden has a long way to justify his choice in the third round of the draft.

The money: Nothing major here. Haden’s salary cap figure is $8.96 million, but he deserves it. No other player has a cap figure higher than $1 million.

Draft priority: Adding a third cornerback to challenge McFadden should be a priority. McFadden may improve, but the Browns can’t go into 2014 planning on him being the third corner.