Browns rookie review: LB Barkevious Mingo

LB Barkevious Mingo

Stats: 642 plays (58 percent of overall defensive plays), played in 16 games, had 40 tackles and five sacks.

2013 role: Started when Jabaal Sheard was injured, otherwise used as a situational pass-rusher.

The good: Mingo is what he was touted to be coming out of the draft as the sixth overall pick: An exceptionally quick, fast linebacker with around-the-edge speed who can get to the quarterback. Mingo gained some valuable playing time as a rookie, and learned what will work and what won't work. He also learned what he needs to improve if he is to justify his top-10 selection.

The bad: One move might work in college, but in the NFL where the competition is increased and the talent level high, it will not work. Mingo has to develop alternate moves other than a pure speed rush. Spending time with Sheard might help. In addition, Mingo has to get bigger and stronger if he wants to play linebacker. Seattle won the Super Bowl with a 235-pound safety. Mingo is trying to play linebacker at 240 pounds.

Looking ahead: The best news for Mingo is that new coach Mike Pettine will run the same kind of system that Ray Horton ran, so Mingo will not have to adjust to a new position or defense. He needs to get better though, because though he had moments when he contributed, those moments did not add up to the contribution expected from a top-1o pick in the draft.