Draft position needs: Quarterback

Lost: Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell

Added: Nobody

Extra points: Mike Pettine said at the NFL scouting combine that the position was obviously a need, and since that day the Browns have released two quarterbacks and signed none. Clearly, the team needs to add someone, but whether they do it with the fourth pick, the 26th or a second- or third-round selection is the great unknown. Not even the National Security Agency has been able to determine the Browns' plans with the most important position on the team.

Draft likelihood: Is there a ranking on the high-medium-low scale that’s higher than high?

Then there's this ...

Last QB drafted by the Browns: Weeden, 22nd overall in 2012.

Last first-round QB drafted: Weeden.

Last QB taken fourth overall: Philip Rivers, by the Giants in 2004; Rivers was then traded to San Diego for Eli Manning.

Last three QBs taken fourth: Rivers, Art Schichter (1982), Bob Griese (1967).

Last QB taken 26th overall: Jim Druckenmiller, by San Francisco, in 1997. One of the poster boys for QB busts.

Last three QBs taken 26th: Druckenmiller, Jim Harbaugh (1987) -- they are the only two.