Draft factoid: Watkins' playmaking

Draft day looms ever closer. As it approaches, it seems appropriate to start each day with a tidbit or two on draftable guys -- with an eye toward those the Cleveland Browns might select. All information is courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information.

Sammy Watkins gained two-thirds of his receiving yards after the catch, the highest percentage of any of the wide receiver prospects. In 2013, he had 1,044 yards after the catch. In his career, 66 percent of Watkins' receiving yards came after the catch. It could also reflect the type of routes Watkins ran -- many of which included wide receiver screens. But Clemson quarterbacks were 14-for-17 with eight touchdowns when throwing 15 yards or more to Watkins. The guy can get the ball, and he can do something with it once he gets it.