Draft factoid: Garoppolo and Romo

Draft day looms ever closer. As it approaches, it seems appropriate to start each day with a tidbit or two on draftable guys -- with an eye toward those the Cleveland Browns might select. All information is courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information.

Jimmy Garoppolo's 5,050 yards and 53 touchdowns were the fourth-best touchdown total in FCS history and the second best yardage total. Ahead of him was Old Dominion's Taylor Heiniche (2012), which should give an idea of FCS competition. That being said, Tony Romo also went to Eastern Illinois, and he's been pretty successful in the NFL. Romo and Garappolo were the ony two players from the school to win the Walter Payton Award, and Garappolo had more wins, yards and touchdowns and fewer interceptions than Romo.