Young, Thigpen trying out at minicamp

The only thing the Cleveland Browns gain by giving Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen tryouts at this week’s minicamp is arms to throw footballs.

They needed some, with Brian Hoyer probably limited as he comes back from knee surgery and only Alex Tanney on the roster. So Young and Thigpen will get a look-see.

But if these guys are the long-term answer to anything -- either backup or starting -- then so is the Statue of Liberty.

Young and Thigpen have spent years proving they cannot play, and the pair spent the entire 2013 season watching as not a single team -- the Browns included -- chose to sign them.

The image of Young in many minds is the guy standing under the confetti wearing a Texas Longhorns jersey after beating USC for the national title.

The more accurate one should be of Young from a year ago, when he couldn't make it as the Green Bay Packers' backup, even though they lacked a true backup coming out of preseason.

To be fair, everyone deserves a chance, and Young and Thigpen could revive their careers in Cleveland, which needs a backup and/or veteran to compete with Hoyer and the quarterback they probably will draft.

General manager Ray Farmer said he wants to take a look at each, and minicamp is a logical place to do so. In that regard it makes some sense. There’s nothing really to lose.

It would simply be wise to keep expectations realistic on this front.