Hard to get around Browns ignoring WR

Without knowing the Josh Gordon situation yesterday, I praised the Cleveland Browns. They got presumably a high first-round pick from the Buffalo Bills and had lots of receivers on the board.

But I didn’t know the information.

Ignoring weapons for your rookie quarterback is a mistake too many teams make. If they knew Gordon wasn’t going to be there because of this possible suspension, that changes my opinion on everything. They should have taken Sammy Watkins and been thrilled about it. I don’t know how you trade away from Watkins.

I understand you probably love Justin Gilbert, although I thought they overspent on him. If you know Gordon may not be available and you bring in a rookie quarterback, who is he going to throw to? That’s poor planning in my opinion with a ton of picks.

I know they’re high on Andrew Hawkins, and he’s a good pick-up, but he’s a slot receiver and won’t be the featured guy. I doubt they’re super excited about Greg Little.

As far as the second round, I really like Joel Bitonio. I think that offensive line was one player away, and he’s it. He could be a right tackle or play either guard position, maybe center although they don’t need a center. I would assume he’ll be one of the starting guards immediately.

I think Chris Kirksey will be a true second-level defender, and he could be maybe Karlos Dansby's heir apparent. I would think he’ll be an immediate special teams stud.

Nothing against him, but of all the picks they made, to me that’s the one that definitely should have been a receiver. You’re really ignoring wide receiver when there are a lot of guys there who could help. A guy who is still out there and I like a lot is Bruce Ellington. He’s very, very small, but he’s a former point guard and plays that way. Real shifty, real explosive. Surprised he hasn’t gotten picked.

As far as Terrance West, he’s a bigger back, a decisive runner who fits the new blocking scheme well because he runs downhill and gets his pads square. When Ben Tate is your No. 1 back you have to worry about durability. So West may play a lot.

I understand storing away that Bills’ first-round pick. I don’t think anyone thinks the Browns are going to win the Super Bowl, so continue to build for tomorrow. Let’s say Johnny Manziel is a total bust, well they have their pick and the Bills’ pick so they could possibly move up. Nice fall-back option if your rookie quarterback is trouble.

But I can’t get around the fact they’re weak at receiver.