Morning Brownies: Looking toward tonight

As game-time approaches, there's always time for a little pregame digestion of information, trivial and otherwise.

There's nothing like the hometown feeling (and yes, in this instance I'm guilty of it, too). Eight Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com writers picked tonight's outcome. Can you guess which team all eight picked to win? And I wonder how the Cleveland locals picked last night's wild-card game in baseball?

These two cities are on the same lake, share the same snowbelt and are the southern and western landing points of the brutal Canadian winter winds. Other than that, they're great places to live (sarcasm font). Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer discussed the shared heartache between the two cities. Tim Graham takes a look at the same heartache in the Buffalo News, but from the point of view of a guy who grew up in Cleveland now living in Buffalo (insert whatever crack you like here ... they've all been used).

Tony Grossi of ESPN-Cleveland aptly sums up the game in "Four Downs." Among his points: Can anyone on the Bills' defense cover Jordan Cameron? Pro Football Focus tabs Cameron as its rising stock player, but the Browns player whose stock is falling may be a surprise.

Gil Brandt has some high praise for Brian Hoyer on NFL.com, writing: "Hoyer has great mental quickness, and guys with mental quickness always have a chance in the NFL." (Yes, his high school training had something to do with that ... I'm here all day folks ... ) And Bucky Brooks takes an interesting look at the Browns defense on the same site.