Johnny Manziel's celebrity entourage

Looking to take a selfie with Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2)? Better get in line behind the Browns QB's expanding list of celebrity BFFs. Despite warnings from Emmitt Smith and other NFL alums and members of the Browns organization, Manziel continues to "enjoy his free time," defending his non-football activities by saying they're not affecting his job.

In a little more than two years, Manziel (Instagram: jmanziel2) has morphed from a relative unknown to the popular kid everyone wants to be around -- especially the other popular guys. From NBA superstar LeBron James to rapper Drake and even world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, the rookie QB has amassed quite an impressive and rich entourage.

Here's a peek at Manziel's growing social club:

Maybe Manziel was looking for singing tips or pursuing a new workout regimen while partying with (from left to right) singers Tyrese Gibson and Justin Bieber and boxer Floyd Mayweather this past weekend at Bieber's Beverly Hills home, according to TMZ.

Having trouble with that new team decision, LeBron? Johnny's got a spot waiting for you back in Cleveland.

Manziel will never have trouble having fun with fellow NFL party boy Rob Gronkowski as a sidekick, evidenced by this photo with a crew of bikini-clad fans.

Former President George H.W. Bush's appearance at Manziel's Pro Day shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the Texas A&M alum hung out with the former first family just days before his workout.

Original BFF Drake and jeweler to the stars TV Johnny teach Manziel the right way to take a selfie.

Johnny be promotin'. While chopping it up with Clippers point guard Chris Paul at an NBA game last year, Manziel made sure to throw Drake's clothing line a plug.