Irvin: Carter's comments 'irresponsible'

Micheal Irvin has a serious issue with Cris Carter.

While stressing several times that he loves Carter (an ESPN analyst), Irvin said it was “irresponsible” of Carter to say this week that to save receiver Josh Gordon the Cleveland Browns should release him.

"We would all like to think, and most of us that have gone through any kind of ... recovery issue, that what has worked for us works for everybody," Irvin said on "The Dan LeBatard Show" on The Ticket in Miami. "But that is so far from the truth."

Carter said being released by Philadelphia is what led him to recovery. Irvin, the former Dallas receiver, said he was angry that Carter advocated that move for Gordon without talking to professionals, counselors and otherwise, who have worked with Gordon.

"Isolation for Cris may have been the best thing," Irvin said. ?Separation for Cris may have been the best thing. For Josh maybe it’s the worst thing."

Gordon is facing a one-year minimum ban from the NFL for failing a drug test this offseason. He was suspended two games and played two without pay in 2013, and last weekend in North Carolina was arrested for suspicion of DWI.

Irvin and Carter are both Hall of Famers who speak from a shared experience of addiction and recovery. Both said they work with players who have problems now. Irvin, though, said he wouldn’t advocate a move like releasing a player without first discussing the player’s issues with a counselor -- something he said he has done.

He said Carter applying his experience to others is "out of line."

"You cannot make a blanket statement and say, 'If it worked for me it’ll work for him.' That’s not necessarily the truth and I thought it was a bit irresponsible."