Sumlin: Ask Browns about Manziel

Not even Johnny Manziel’s former coach can avoid questions about him.

Though Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin did his best to dismiss them, he was asked at the SEC media days about his former quarterback.

And he didn’t seem thrilled about it -- at least that’s the feeling from reading the transcript provided by ASAP Sports.

Sumlin brought some laughter when he responded to a question by saying: “Let me get this straight. The question was: What’s it like not coaching Johnny Manziel.”

He then explained that college football is different from the NFL, that player turnover happens more frequently.

“You wouldn't be so excited if you hadn't recruited the Gatorade Player of the Year out of the state of Texas at quarterback (Kenny Hill) and the No. 1 quarterback in the country behind him (Kyle Allen),” Sumlin said.

“The ability to go out and match talent. We understand, I understand there's not going to be another Johnny Manziel, the way he played the game, that's all part of it.

“Now, does that mean that we change offensively? Maybe. Does that mean that we changed offensively for him? That might be the case, too. What we have done is we've gone out and been able to recruit very, very well to a system that we believe in.

“With that being said, your first question to me is irrelevant.”

Sumlin found a later question about Manziel’s partying less relevant.

“Is this the SEC media days?” he said with a smile. “No, that's a great question ... about the Cleveland Browns. Anybody else got something?”