Disgusting, vile act at Modell's grave

It isn't often that a guy from Cleveland agrees absolutely and completely with David Modell.

But in this case he's right. What was done at his father's grave is vile, disgusting, ill-conceived and an embarrassment to any reasonable resident of Cleveland and any reasonable fan of the Cleveland Browns. To simply be associated by location with someone so proud of something like this prompts an immediate reach for the Lysol.

It's one thing to not like the fact that Art Modell moved his football team to Baltimore and left Cleveland without a team for three years. It's quite another to be so brazenly disrespectful and proud of it.

Any Cleveland fan should be disgusted that one man chose to urinate on Modell's grave, then post the video on YouTube. It's not funny, and it's not the kind of statement anyone should support.

David Modell pointed out that the grave belongs to his father, to a grandfather.

"Can any of your readers imagine, for one second, seeing someone do that to their parents' grave?" he asked the Baltimore Sun.

"The act is so offensive, and I'd like to publicly say, isn't enough enough? When is enough enough."

He called it cowardice and "incredibly distasteful, revolting and mean-spirited."

He also said he would try to prosecute the unidentified fan, who has only a YouTube identity.

There's nothing funny about this. Nothing even close to OK.

And David Modell's question is appropriate. Isn't 19 years long enough? Shouldn't the anger nowadays be directed more appropriately at the string of ineptness since 1999?

When Art Modell died the outcry against him was so ugly in Cleveland that the team, at David Modell's request, declined to even acknowledge his death.

LeBron James and Dan Gilbert apologized to each other. This happens at Modell's grave.

Enough is enough.