Johnny Manziel Camp Daily: Aug. 6

A day-by-day and honest look aJohnny Manziel's first training camp with the Cleveland Browns:

THE WORK: This might have been Manziel’s best day of work. His passes were crisp and he was decisive. He made some mistakes, but he also made some very good throws. After, Manziel admitted things are getting better, that his mind is less cluttered as he plays. He admitted, though, that he needs to expand his knowledge of the playbook and continue to grow. The difference between Manziel of the first day or two of camp -- and even the Manziel who took all the first-team reps on Monday -- and the Manziel of Tuesday and Wednesday? It’s too soon to say the light has gone on -- the games will show that -- but it’s not too soon to say Manziel is coming on.

GOOD THROW: One of Manziel’s best throws in camp came against some excellent coverage to Andrew Hawkins. Manziel dropped a ball perfectly over safety Jim Leonhard and right into the hands of Hawkins 20 or so yards downfield at the sideline. The ball had to be where it was, because right with Hawkins was cornerback Buster Skrine. This throw was just as impressive as the touchdown pass to Gary Barnidge in the scrimmage.

BAD THROW: Manziel only missed eight passes in team work, and there is no picking out any one poor one. He was mad at himself for a goal-line throw that was knocked down in the final competitive part of practice, but there was no real clunker of a throw or decision. Manziel still needs to prove himself in two ways in the game: Show he can run the offense against a defense going full speed, and show he can run around against a live defense the same way he did against a defense not allowed him to hit him (like during the scrimmage).

THE WORD: Coach Mike Pettine on why he wants to know the starter before the third preseason game: “That third game is critical to get that chemistry and that cohesion. We’ve mixed the lineups a lot, which is good because you’re getting guys exposure ... But at some point you have to settle down and develop that chemistry and that cohesion.”

START CHART: On a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being Manziel certainly starts the opener, we'll take a look at his chances as he goes through camp.