Three Browns factoids to ponder


• The Cleveland Browns have not allowed a running back to gain 100 yards on them in eight games, half a season going back to 2012. The last to do so was Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs in a 30-7 Cleveland win. Since, the Browns have held Washington (and Alfred Morris), Denver, Pittsburgh, Miami, Baltimore (and Ray Rice), Minnesota (and Adrian Peterson), Cincinnati and Buffalo without a 100-yard back.

• Since being traded to Indianapolis, Trent Richardson has 51 carries and 151 yards, an average of 2.96 yards per carry. He was averaging 3.5 per carry in Cleveland. (Note: This does NOT mean Richardson is a bad player. It just means those are the numbers.)

Joe Thomas is the epitome of durability and dependability. He has not missed a game since being Phil Savage's first draft choice in 2007, and has played 6,190 consecutive snaps. Thomas has started 101 games in a row and has not missed a play in his tenure in Cleveland. Not to mention this little fact about him being a pro's pro.