About Weeden's first two throws vs. Bills ...

Sometimes what people see does not truly explain what really happened when it comes to quarterback play. Sometimes.

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner indirectly made that point when he explained what happened on Brandon Weeden's first two passes after he relieved Brian Hoyer in the win against Buffalo last Thursday.

Both of Weeden’s passes sailed well high -- and they led to intense boos from the home crowd, to the point that the boos seemed almost mean-spirited.

Turner said both were good decisions, thus good plays, by Weeden.

“One was a screen and he had to throw the ball away,” Turner said. “Another one was completely covered and there really wasn’t much he could have done.

“He really made good decisions on both of those plays.”

Which means take the punt and move on. A coach would always prefer a punt to a turnover, and Turner said the fact the Browns have not turned the ball over in two games is significant.

The first play looked like a quick out pattern to a back, with a blocker in front of him. Weeden ended up overthrowing Travis Benjamin to the sideline. The second he was pressured, had to escape the rush and then threw the ball away.

Turner’s point: Weeden’s issues are not always about holding on to the ball too long.

“I think he can speed up the process when the play’s not there and get the ball out of his hand quicker, and that will help our protection a little bit,” Turner said. “But in some cases it’s not going to help the result of the play.”