Revised prediction: Cleveland Browns

Browns reporter Pat McManamon revises his season prediction at the midway point of the season:

Preseason prediction: 6-10

Revised prediction: 10-6

Why the Browns will finish better: When you’re wrong you’re wrong, and I was clearly wrong about this Browns team in preseason. Whether it was lack of faith or being infused with negativity from the previous six seasons, I botched it. The Browns in nine games have as many wins as I thought they’d have all season. That is real and honest improvement. The keys that made that happen: belief in a coach whose approach is based on logic and candor, and the play of a quarterback who has settled down a position that has been a mess for too long. If Brian Hoyer stays healthy, 10 wins the rest of the way is eminently reachable (My wife can vouch that I said that a month ago too, after seeing Hoyer and the team play). If Hoyer doesn’t stay healthy, the Browns still might stay on the same track. Johnny Manziel is an unknown at the moment. But the Browns have a formula for winning that depends on taking care of the ball, trust, running the ball and an improving defense that should keep them in the midst of the playoff chase for the rest of the year. And ... after one more game Josh Gordon is back on the field