Upon Further Review: Browns Week 13

An examination of four hot issues from the Cleveland Browns' 32-28 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars:

Haden’s outburst: CB Joe Haden presented the argument for players not wanting to talk after games. But as he’s been all season, Haden was accountable, and approachable. His emotional statement about being sick of losing and not having anything to say was right on the money. He was upset, mad, disgusted or a combination of some or all the above. He showed it. Because he felt it. There was no reason to be upset about Haden’s statements -- because he showed he cared.

Taking responsibility: Haden also took responsibility for the Jaguars' game-winning TD pass, admitting he fell for the old “Sluggo” route (slant and go). Haden said the Jaguars set the route up by running short all day. Then, in the key situation, they faked short and threw deep. Well ... 20 yards deep. The play came on third-and-9. Haden jumped the slant trying to prevent the first down and hold the Jaguars to a field goal. He got beat. It happens to cornerbacks.

What happened: Longtime Browns watchers could not remember a previous bad snap from Alex Mack, but his first came at a bad time. Mack airmailed a snap over QB Brandon Weeden’s head with the Browns at their 14, and it led to a safety that gave Jacksonville the lead. “My fault 100 percent,” Mack said. “I’m going to be sick to my stomach for quite a while about that one.” Mack said he had some anxiousness about getting off the ball quick, which might have contributed to the bad snap.

Mind-boggling: The Browns have had some bizarre games this season. The second quarter against Cincinnati, the second half against Detroit. But the numbers against Jacksonville may set new standards. The Browns had the lead four times and gave it up each time. Weeden threw for 370 yards. Wide receiver Josh Gordon set NFL and team records. The Browns outgained the Jaguars 439-314. Yet they lost. Go figure.