Rapid Reaction: Cleveland Browns

PITTSBURGH -- A few thoughts on the Cleveland Browns' 20-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers:

What it means: The Browns set a new standard of futility in a season of futility. For the first time in team history, the Browns lost seven games in a row to end a season. Although there was a lot of chatter about the future of Rob Chudzinski, this kind of season does not reflect well on anyone with the team, from the owner through the CEO to the GM to the coach to the players. Call it a collective flop. And to think there was a point when some thought the Browns might win the division.

Chudzinski chatter: The way the season ended led to a lot of speculation about unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the front office, which led to gamelong buzz about Chudzinski and whether he might be let go after the season. The Browns initially declined to comment on the rumors but by the fourth quarter put out a statement that said: "Our focus is on the game today. We will not discuss any evaluation of the season until this upcoming week."

Stock watch: Browns fans can enjoy life again: The talk is again about the draft. The team that has gone six years in a row with at least 11 losses and has averaged four and a half wins per season in those seasons can point its fans to the most exciting time of year. That's the draft, when fans annually regain belief in anything related to an orange helmet.

Josh and the flu: Josh Gordon played the season finale with the flu. It showed. After every play, he got up the way Jim Brown used to -- slowly and with discomfort. Chudzinski said after the game that Gordon needed IV fluids before the game. Gordon finished with seven receptions for 80 yards.

Corners out: The Browns started the game without Joe Haden at cornerback. They finished without Buster Skrine. With both corners out, Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers' passing game had to contend with Julian Posey and rookie Leon McFadden. That is a tough challenge for a defense.