Upon Further Review: Browns Week 8

A review of four hot issues from the Cleveland Browns' 23-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs:

Calming the waters: Jason Campbell soothed some nerves with the way he played against the Chiefs. Campbell threw for just short of 300 yards and had a passer rating well over 100 in the loss. Rarely has a guy on his fourth team in eight years provided such a soothing presence with one game, but the state of Browns' quarterbacking was such that this game from Campbell was badly needed. And accepted.

Trade talk: Josh Gordon only has to live for one more day with the trade rumors that he’s going to be sent elsewhere. Gordon only enhanced his value against the Chiefs, with five catches for 132 yards and a touchdown. At this point, it’s almost as if his value will never be higher. "There’s really nothing more to be said about it," Gordon said. "I know just as much as all of you guys know. When it happens or if it doesn't happen, we'll know at the same time." The constant rumors have weighed on Gordon, and the team. Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said he can’t wait for the deadline to pass.

Long won’t they run: The Browns continue to struggle to run the ball, as they totaled 57 yards on 15 carries in Kansas City. With Campbell starting his first game in two years, the Browns called 36 passes and 12 runs (three of their runs were scrambles by the quarterback). Coach Rob Chudzinski wants balance, but with Willis McGahee and Fozzy Whittaker the guys to turn to, balance could be difficult to achieve.

Aggressive aproach: Say this for Chudzinski -- he is not afraid to take a chance. He went for the first down for the 17th time on fourth down this season, and made it to set up a touchdown. Add in the trick plays -- the Browns' first touchdown came on a flea-flicker -- and the fake punts, and it’s evident Chudzinski is letting his team know he’s not afraid to take a chance on their behalf. The 17 fourth-down attempts lead the league.