Draft factoid: Clowney vs. pass and run

Draft day looms ever closer. As it approaches, it seems appropriate to start your day with a tidbit or two each day on draftable guys -- with an eye toward those the Cleveland Browns might select. All information is courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information.

Jadeveon Clowney might have had 10 fewer sacks in 2013 than 2012, but he was getting to the quarterback almost as often. He averaged 2.2 pressures per game in ’14, 2.3 in ’13. When it comes to run defense, teams were successful running right at Clowney. When he lined up at right end, teams ran at Clowney on just 28 percent of the offensive plays, but they averaged 5.9 yards per rush as opposed to 4.2 when running away from him. Teams scored a touchdown one in 16 plays running at him, one in 35 plays when running away from him. As for double-teams, Clowney was double-teamed on 26 percent of the opponents’ rushes.