Mike Pettine says Browns could add RB, but does that include Ray Rice?

The Cleveland Browns' potential shortage at the running back position has reignited the question if the team will add former Ravens running back Ray Rice to its roster.

After rookie running back Duke Johnson went down with a concussion in the Browns' 31-7 win over Tampa Bay Saturday night, and with two other backs battling injuries, Browns coach Mike Pettine was asked on Sunday if Rice would be in consideration if the team decides to add another running back to the roster. Rice was released by the Ravens following his domestic abuse case last year.

“If we do come to the decision that we need to add a back that is not here, we’ll look at the list of backs that are available,” Pettine said.

After sitting out the Browns' first two preseason games with a hamstring injury, Johnson had a carry and a reception before getting knocked out of Saturday's game by the Buccaneers' Mike Jenkins in the first quarter. The lack of durability so far for a guy whom the Browns are counting on has been discouraging for Pettine.

“We have seen what he can do in practice and that is important,” Pettine said. “That is why we were so positive and optimistic about it. Football is about availability. He hasn’t been available for much of the preseason. While we are hopeful about the potential, at the same time, it is discouraging to not have him out there.”

Other news and notes:

The Terrelle Pryor watch continues in Cleveland as the quarterback turned wide receiver missed his third straight preseason game with a hamstring injury. When asked if Thursday’s final preseason game against the Bears is a "make or break" game for Pryor, Pettine said:

“I don’t want to say make or break. I’m not going to deal with an absolute, saying he has to play, but we want to see him out there. We’re hopeful he’ll be out there. I can’t say today that he definitely will, but he should be. We’re hopeful.”