#HeyTony: Can the Browns really afford to not take Josh Gordon back?

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

Hey Tony: Will the lack of depth/talent at wide receiver factor into the eventual Josh Gordon decision?

-- Jason, Akron, OH

Hey Jason: This is an interesting question. Gordon hasn’t played for the Browns since Game 15 of the 2014 season, but he remains relevant because the team has been unable to field a competent and productive receiving corps in his two years-plus absence. If Gordon were reinstated by the NFL, I have no doubt he would instantly be their best receiver. But that is much of an indictment on the Browns than it is an endorsement of Gordon’s natural ability.

Hey Tony: How much cap hit would Browns take to cut Kenny Britt?

-- Adam, Naples, FL

Hey Adam: Cutting Britt would cost the Browns about $5.6 million against their cap. That’s not a problem for a team with $62 million-plus in salary cap room. The problem is that Britt is guaranteed $10.5 million this year in signing bonus and base salary. After committing to pay departed Brock Osweiler $15.225 million this year, I don’t anticipate the Browns agreeing to add another $10.5 million to the war chest of players no longer playing for them.

Hey Tony: Since Jordan Leslie already knows the offense, do you expect him to see immediate snaps vs Colts?

-- Mike, Bay Village, OH

Hey Mike: Leslie is expected to be signed by the Browns this week. His playing status for Sunday would be determined by his week of practice. Would I play him? Yes.

Hey Tony: How long until DeShone Kizer can learn to play under center so he can hand off the ball to a moving back?

-- Stan, West Des Moines, IA

Hey Stan: You’ve touched on what I believe to be one of the reasons for the lethargic running game through two games. Hue Jackson wants to keep Kizer in his comfort zone by using mostly shotgun formations. Yet the shotgun hurts the running game for a variety of reasons. The Browns have to come to grips with what is more important – keeping Kizer comfortable in the shotgun or grinding a running game to improve their chances of winning.

Hey Tony: It seems obvious Kevin Hogan brings more of a spark to our offense. What will it take to give him a real chance and first-team reps?

-- Allen, Centerville, OH

Hey Allen: It’s too early to engage in this debate. I believe Hogan would be productive if given all the reps, the Browns have rightfully chosen to commit to Kizer. That commitment has to be 100 percent for any chance of success.

Hey Tony: Do the Browns give Jabrill Peppers a chance at wide receiver since Corey Coleman is out?

-- Tom, Apple Creek, OH

Hey Tom: If the Browns eventually dabble in Peppers on offense – and, yes, I think it could come to that – it would more likely be in the role of a running back/wildcat quarterback. Stan White, a former NFL tight end and Baltimore Ravens radio analyst and Baltimore-area high school coach, told me that Peppers was the best high school running back he ever saw.

Hey Tony: Any chance the Browns make a trade to help improve an anemic receiving corps?

-- Jordan, Fort Loramie, OH

Hey Jordan: Anything is possible, but I wouldn’t expect to see the Browns part with one of their first-round picks.

Hey Tony: In 1995, the NFL said that we would have professional football back in Cleveland. When will they make good on that promise?

-- Joe, Youngstown, OH

Hey Joe: That deadline is at the next solar eclipse.

Hey Tony: Where does Joe Thomas stand in history of Browns O-linemen?

-- Dan, Atlanta, GA

Hey Dan: The Browns have 15 players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, plus one coach. Two of those players played offensive tackle – Lou Groza, who was a left tackle and doubled as a place-kicker, and Mike McCormack, a right tackle. The Browns also are represented in the Hall by center Frank Gatski and guards Gene Hickerson and Joe DeLamiellure. I would not hesitate right now in saying Thomas is in their class.

Hey Tony: Do you think Rashard Higgins will continue to grow in this offense or was his performance a flash in the pan?

-- Jay, Parma, OH

Hey Jay: Higgins was a productive college receiver -- a record-holder, in fact, at Colorado State -- which is why the Browns selected him in the fifth round in the 2016 draft. His game against the Ravens was the product of hard work and opportunity. At this point, any receiver that produces should be moved to the front of the line.

Hey Tony: With Andrew Luck not playing, and Vegas favoring us, even if Myles Garrett could play on Sunday, would you still rest him?

-- David, Dover, OH

Hey David: Garrett is a few weeks away from playing. Patience.

Hey Tony: With Isaiah Crowell’s struggles, do we expect to see more of Matthew Dayes coming up if he doesn't perform against a weak Colts defense?

-- Andy, Dayton, OH

Hey Andy: No.