Take this quiz to get a read on the Browns' plans in free agency and the draft

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

John Dorsey’s trade-apalooza over the weekend has heightened speculation about what the Browns might do in free agency starting on Wednesday and in the draft.

All that salary cap room. All those draft picks. All the possibilities.

For the first time in a long time, the buzz about the Browns is positive. Whom will they add? Not whom will they subtract.

So what does the new general manager do next?

Let’s take a quiz designed to portend the Browns’ plans – but only if these answers are the correct ones.

1. The Browns have one more big trade in them. Is their target:

A. Odell Beckham Jr.

B. Eli Apple

C. Ndamukong Suh

And what if the answer is: A?

The enigmatic wide receiver has lived a series of controversies since the 2016 season that may have compromised the commitment of the conservative Giants organization to Beckham. The latest is an Instagram video of him lying in a bed next to a woman who appears to have a white powder in front of her. Beckham’s rookie contract expires after 2018 and a figure of $20 million a year has been proposed as a possible demand. All of which has some in New York media speculating that the Giants may have reached the breaking point and be moved to unload Beckham in a trade. Now, the Browns recently hired Adam Henry, who was Beckham’s receivers coach at LSU and with the Giants the past two years. The Browns also recently traded for Jarvis Landry, Beckham’s friend and former teammate at LSU. Can you imagine a receiving trio of Beckham, Landry and Josh Gordon? Would it be worth the risk and the cost?

2. The player the Browns are most likely to land on the first day of free agency would be their most expensive purchase. Is it:

A. Trumaine Johnson

B. Bashaud Breeland

C. Nate Solder

And what if the answer is: C?

Solder, 29, has been Tom Brady’s blind-side protector for the better part of the last six seasons. He is virtually the only accomplished left tackle in free agency and will be coveted by several teams. If the Browns make a concerted pitch for Solder, it means that Joe Thomas has informed them of his decision to retire. The club does not consider filling Thomas’ void internally to be a viable option.

3. The biggest reason the Browns chose to trade a third-round pick to Buffalo for quarterback Tyrod Taylor was:

A. They didn’t want to risk losing their top choice among the free agents.

B. Dorsey didn’t want to commit to Hue Jackson’s No. 1 choice, AJ McCarron.

C. Inheriting Taylor’s $16 million compensation for 2018 was considered the best bargain.

And what if the answer is: C?

Taylor’s existing contract voids if he completes the 2018 season on the Browns’ roster, which would make him a free agent next year. He should be motivated to have a big year to set himself up for a big payday in 2019 and wouldn’t want to agree to anything with the Browns beyond this year. All of which means the Browns intend to find their franchise quarterback hopeful in the draft and deploy him, ideally, in 2019.

4. The most likely trade the Browns consummate on the first night of the draft is:

A. Moving down from No. 4. to No. 6.

B. Moving up from No. 4 to No. 2.

C. Moving down from No. 4 to No. 12 and picking up No. 22, too.

And what if the answer is: A?

If the Browns take a quarterback first, they could be interested in moving down two notches if the Jets want to leap-frog Denver to snatch their quarterback hope. If the Browns feel the Broncos are dead set on also taking a quarterback at No. 5, the Browns might be able to select the player they want all along at No. 4 – and recoup a third-round pick after surrendering their own for Taylor.

5. If the Browns stay at No. 4 with the following players on the board, the one they will take is:

A. Saquon Barkley

B. Minkah Fitzpatrick

C. Bradley Chubb

And what if the answer is: C?

This means Dorsey would have passed up Barkley two times – at No. 1 and No. 4. The explanation would be that he feels the second tier of running backs is not that far removed from Barkley on his draft board. It also means that Dorsey had Chubb rated higher than Fitzpatrick, which would fall in line with sources who say that Dorsey will always seek to bolster his pass rush when possible. If Chubb is the pick, coordinator Gregg Williams would devise a package with Chubb, Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah on the field together.

6. The next Browns player to be shown the door will be:

A. Corey Coleman

B. Cody Kessler

C. Carl Nassib

And what if the answer is: A?

A league source said there isn’t much trade interest in Coleman, whose two seasons in Cleveland have been tainted by unmet expectations, off-field concerns and one very deflating dropped pass in the season finale in Pittsburgh. Two years might be premature to give up on a first-round pick, but we’ve seen it before – with the Browns and other teams.

7. If the Browns bring back one of their former players discarded by a previous regime, that player is most likely to be:

A. Terrelle Pryor

B. Josh McCown

C. Tim Couch

And what if the answer is: C?

According to a source, Couch, the franchise’s original first pick in the 1999 draft, has been discussed as a strong candidate to serve as an analyst on the team’s preseason TV broadcasts. Couch has experience calling University of Kentucky games for the Big Blue Network and SEC games for Fox Sports South. This position could hinge on Thomas' decision to return as a player or launch a second career in broadcasting.