#HeyTony: What will the Browns do in the draft?

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

Hey Tony: With a roster that's considerable deeper & eight draft picks, it's unrealistic to think there will be roster spots for all eight. Do you expect a draft day trade to either move up from later rounds, veteran players or even trading picks for future picks?

-- Davis, Canton, OH

Hey Davis: The Browns currently own the following picks: No. 49 (second round), No. 81 (third), No. 120 (fourth), No. 145 (fifth), No. 156 (fifth), No. 171 (fifth), No. 191 (sixth) and No. 223 (seventh). Although Dorsey isn’t in the habit of throwing picks away, I would expect him to bundle some in a trade either to move up or for a veteran player. At this point, I don’t anticipate a move up into the first round.

Hey Tony: Speaking of leadoff hitter, what better way to prove that the Browns are back than to beat New England on Sunday night? The Pats are at their weakest in week 1 and I’d rather play in Foxboro in September, than in November or December.

-- Dave, Sacramento, CA

Hey Dave: Your point is valid. You don’t want to play in Foxboro in December. But sources have told me the NFL will not waste the Browns at New England game on opening weekend. My best information is that the Browns will open their season at the New York Jets or at Denver. Either game would be on Monday Night Football.

Hey Tony: John Dorsey seemed to hit on Baker Mayfield and positivity is running rampant, but these last few moves of Dorsey screams of the same arrogance of our previous GMs. Why do they insist on getting rid of talent previous GMs brought in and remove depth?

-- Josh, Galena, OH

Hey Josh: Remember what Dorsey said in his first interview on 850 WKNR? “We need some real players,” he said. That’s what he set out to do and I can’t argue with the results. While Dorsey has systematically ridded the team of players he inherited, he has used some of them in trades to acquire assets to build the team with better players. That’s the difference.

Hey Tony: Do you think John Dorsey will take a needs-based approach in the draft or take the best player available? What players in the draft should we should keep our eye on?

-- Justin, San Diego, CA

Hey Justin: Deep down, teams always keep needs in mind during the draft, so I would expect Dorsey to be on the lookout for any of the following positions: safety, linebacker, cornerback, tight end, offensive tackle, developmental quarterback and wide receiver.

Hey Tony: In all this OBJ news, I feel the defensive add-ons have been lost in the fray. How much better will the defense be this year? When healthy they were holding teams to less than thirty last year.

-- John, Columbus, OH

Hey John: The additions so far of Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson, Adarius Taylor and Eric Murray should help, of course. The mystery is how the defense will change under mild-mannered defensive coordinator Steve Wilks. I can’t answer until seeing them on the field.

Hey Tony: The fans have experienced this type of excitement before when Modelling signed Andre Rison. What will be needed to make sure the results aren't the same? Not skeptical, but curious of how you may see similarities.

-- Shawn, Cleveland, OH

Hey Shawn: No comparison. This is real. That quarterback was Vinny Testaverde. This one is Baker Mayfield. I was touting the Browns to win the AFC North before the trade for Odell Beckham Jr. Now I see them as viable contenders for the AFC. But it’s only the beginning. That Bill Belichick team was at the end – a collection of old veterans on defense. The announcement of Modell moving the team undermined everything, but I doubt that team was going anywhere. Shortly into the season, Belichick handed the team over to Eric Zeier. Also, Belichick didn’t have a GM like Dorsey. Imagine, his top personnel advisor was Mike Lombardi.