How Syracuse will recruit in ACC

The Syracuse Orange have just finished an awfully awkward recruiting season, one that started with Doug Marrone selling students on a Big East school and ended with Scott Shafer bringing players into the ACC. Michael Cohen of Syracuse.com says there's a clear difference between the Orange class and the rest of the Atlantic Coast teams, and he wonders if that will change in the future.

"Of the 19 players Shafer and his staff brought in, six were junior college transfers," Cohen writes. "That is only one shy of the total number of junior college transfers brought in by the rest of the conference combined. Florida State had one, Miami had three, Maryland had two and N.C. State had one — seven. That's it.

"It's something to keep an eye on going forward. Will Shafer keep hitting the junior college ranks, or will he change up his strategy to match the rest of the league?"