Trojans chirp at Floyd defectors

If tonight's matchup between conference foes USC and Arizona needs any hype, it just officially got some.

As you'll no doubt remember, Tim Floyd had himself a bit of an unfortunate offseason. After being implicated in a Yahoo! Sports report tying him directly to some not-exactly-above-board O.J. Mayo-related recruiting issues, Floyd decided to quickly and quietly resign his post as USC's head coach. This left the program in a lurch. Players transferred. Floyd's 2009 recruiting class dispersed. USC was headed for a rebuilding year, or five.

That's not exactly how it's worked out; thanks to the return of guard Mike Gerrity, USC might be the surprise of the 2009-10 Pac-10 thus far. And current USC players -- those who didn't understandably decide, like former USC recruits and current Arizona players Derrick Williams, Solomon Hill and Lamont Jones, to head for greener, more stable pastures -- are letting the defectors know they're not forgetting the betrayal.

Freshman forward Evan Smith, please step to the mic:

"I just want to win this [expletive] game because they left us, they left the program," Smith said. "They all decided over some [expletive] controversy, they all decided to dip out."

Like I said, if you needed any hype to get you ready for what is probably, without contextual considerations, just an OK game, you now have it. This is some professional wrestling-type stuff. Rumble of the class of 2009! Or something! We should probably find a better name for it, but, yeah, you get the idea.