It's winning time: Greetings from Lucas Oil

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ready for the mother of all cliches? OK then: It all comes down to this. The Duke Blue Devils. The Butler Bulldogs. Milan High vs. South Bend Central. Rocky vs. Apollo Creed. Rocky vs. Ivan Drago. Rocky vs. pretty much everyone; Rocky was usually the underdog. You get the point. Every plausible thing that can be written about this game has been -- the implications for mid-majors, the underdog tale, Duke's return to the elite, all of it. At this point, there's not much left to say. There is only the game. It's time. Assume intense, game-face stare ... now.

If you need to get caught up in the few minutes before the game, we've got you covered. Read our quick roundtable preview. Listen to Sunday night's podcast previewing the match up. Check out the 10 things you should watch for tonight. Scope Jay Bilas' previewInsider. Read Pat Forde on the great upsets in title game history. Get Mark Schlabach's moving story on Ronald Nored's family here in Indy. Read Andy Katz on Shelvin Mack. Check out Dana O'Neil's story on Brian Zoubek's senior redemption.

And, as always, come join our live chat right here, where we'll be answering questions, taking your comments, and analyzing as the championship game unfolds.

We're about 30 minutes away from the start of game time, so hop on into the chat and let's get this thing started. Big night, folks. Big night.