Singler leading Duke in second half

INDIANAPOLIS -- Quick thoughts with Duke ahead 53-49 over Butler with 7:58 left in the game.

  • Kyle Singler is playing an MVP type of game with his ability to make big shots and come up with key defensive stops.

  • Butler gambled and went small and it cost the Bulldogs on an inbouds play that Singler converted, using his size advantage. There have been some odd matchups like Willie Veasley on Brian Zoubek.

  • Butler is in jeopardy of losing control here. Butler has been forcing turnovers and coming up with stops, but hasn’t finished consistently.

  • Hard to see Butler winning if Gordon Hayward can’t make a few big shots. He is driving to to the basket, but that’s not enough.

  • Duke is earning every bucket, but the Blue Devils’ offense has been enough to stretch out a lead.