Maryland's Varun Ram can defend anything

Varun Ram came off the bench and kept Valparaiso from attempting a final shot in Maryland's NCAA tournament victory Friday in Columbus, Ohio. Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Maryland Terrapins walk-on Varun Ram came on the floor and made the defensive play of the game to help the fourth-seeded Terps avoid an NCAA tournament upset against Valparaiso. He also defends Maryland star guard Melo Trimble every day in practice. So what else does Varun Ram stop?

  • Varun Ram once walked out of a Vegas show with David Blaine's wallet.

  • Varun Ram's family visited Fort Knox once. Varun was hired on the spot ... he was 4 years old.

  • On his off days, Varun Ram has been asked to stop by the Federal Reserve to "just keep an eye on things."

  • Last night, Varun Ram was elected as College Park's public defender.

  • Some dude stole Varun Ram's identity one time. Varun Ram's identity returned a week later with the guy's social security number, a yellow futon and six cans of Extreme Blazin' Buffalo Wing-flavored Pringles.

  • Varun Ram currently has a 3.99 GPA in neurobiology and physiology. He plans on knocking the other .01 out of his professor's hands with 10 seconds left in his last semester.

  • In 2002, Varun Ram swiped a credit card on his flip phone.