Alex Legion pops up at FIU

Alex Legion is getting another chance to prove himself, this time at FIU. Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hey, more Alex Legion news! The former Illinois and Kentucky guard -- who never really quite caught on under Bruce Weber, despite plenty of hype to the contrary -- has decided to take his services to Florida International, home of one Mr. Isiah Thomas. From Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman:

"The decision to leave the University of Illinois basketball program was difficult, however, leaving University of Illinois was in the best interest of my basketball development and collegiate career,” Legion said in a statement. “I am very excited, encouraged and humbled to have the opportunity to play for and learn the professional game of basketball from coach Isiah Thomas, an NBA great and legend."

This is what Thomas can do. Will blue chip recruits want to come play at Florida International when they have their choice of any other school in the country? Probably not. But if Thomas can go this route and improve FIU almost by default. We saw it this summer, when Thomas briefly flirted with recruit Lance Stephenson, the uber-talented Cincinnati guard who scared away larger programs with a litany of personal issues. Thomas didn't land Stephenson, but he revealed a viable strategy in the process: Find talented players that other schools don't want or won't take, and convince them that FIU is the place to learn how to be an NBA star. This can work. This is what Thomas can do.

And hey, if it doesn't work out? Zeke can always go back to the NBA. (Just kidding. I'm pretty sure Thomas is not allowed anywhere near the NBA.)