Bob Knight to Rutgers? Not going to happen

Want to hear a funny story? Bob Knight may or may not have been contacted about the Rutgers job. Weird, right?

But it's true, according to a trusted source of Adam Zagoria's: Rutgers athletic director Tom Pernetti "formally" reached out to the legendary coach and ESPN broadcaster about coming to coach at Rutgers. The chances of this happening are incredibly slim, but they're enticing nonetheless. Bob Knight back on the sidelines, clad in another red-shaded sweater, in one of the country's premier basketball conferences. Sounds great. The only problem is that while the Big East is premier, Rutgers isn't; it's a middling program ("middling" might even be generous) stuck in a power conference, and making headway from that position in the Big East would be the toughest coaching job Knight has ever undertaken.

Of course, this is just a rumor, so there are a variety of logistical reasons why it probably won't happen, either. Zagoria's source even included a disclaimer -- "But I doubt it's going to go anywhere," he said -- and Bob Knight's agency director, IMG's Gary O'Hagan, hadn't heard anything, either.

So, yeah. Probably not going to happen. But the rumor is almost beside the point. The mental image is the takeaway here. For all his faults, wouldn't it be incredibly fun to see Knight coaching again? I think so.