Edgar Sosa feels the Big Blue heat

Facebook and Twitter are awesome tools for socializing. They also prove helpful when you want to tell a rival team's player just what you think of him. Maybe this isn't so awesome.

To wit: The case of Louisville guard Edgar Sosa, who says he's been receiving his fair share of "disrespectful" messages on his Facebook account. Lexington Herald-Leader hoops writer John Clay shared the video. (Hat tip: Card Chronicle.)

All things considered, Sosa seems to be handling the Internet hate well.

Anyway, did I mention Saturday's game is going to be intense? Because with the simmering Rick Pitino-John Calipari rivalry (Calipari said he's OK if Pitino wants to "go John Cheney on him"), and the general dislike each fan base has for the other, um, yeah. Saturday's game is going to be intense.