Babbitt, Monroe still not in draft

With Gordon Hayward gone, there are very few prospects still to declare for the NBA draft. Kyle Singler is one of them, but he says his brain is still "scrambled." There are already well over 50 underclassmen declared for this year's draftInsider, though some of them will drop out before they select an agent. Of that group, the only big names we're still waiting on -- other than Singler, obviously -- are Georgetown's Greg Monroe and Nevada's Luke Babbitt. Oh, the suspense.

What's the impact here? Simple enough. Babbitt scored 21 points and grabbed about nine rebounds a game for the Wolf Pack this year; if he leaves, Nevada -- having already lost guard Armon Johnson -- would suffer a bit of a rebuilding project after an already disappointing 2009-10 in the WAC. Babbitt isn't necessarily a lock to leave. He's a fringe first-round pick that could fall to the second round if things take a bad turn, and as a sophomore, Babbitt's in no real hurry to get into the draft before that ever-scary potential 2011 lockout.

Greg Monroe, on the other hand, is a lottery pick. Again. After Monroe's freshman campaign, in which a clearly gifted but incomplete Monroe shined for the Hoyas, most assumed he would come out, be a lottery pick, and make his one-and-done money. Not so much. He stayed. He improved. He didn't get injured. And though Georgetown didn't end its season on a high note, it's hard to say the big man made a bad decision.

But this year? Monroe is a lottery pick again. Georgetown would love to have him back, no doubt, but at some point your financial future has to take over, doesn't it? Will Monroe really sit this one out again? The longer he waits, the more likely the answer is yes. Now that would provide some suspense.