Video: OU's Gallon destroys a hoop

Tiny Gallon Shatters Backboard (0:44)

Oklahoma forward Tiny Gallon shatters a backboard and causes a lengthy delay. (0:44)

Thursday night, while you were ringing in the new year with a little Walkmen and some "Auld Lang Syne," Oklahoma dunker Keith "Tiny" Gallon was being slightly more destructive. Unless you're one of those people who breaks things at parties. Don't be that guy.

Gallon's destruction is slightly more welcome, even if his ability to shatter an entire backboard delayed Oklahoma's 83-69 loss to Gonzaga on New Year's Eve. Because it is awesome.

If you ask me, broken backboards are all too uncommon anymore. Our technology (I assume there have been advances in technology that make basketball hoops more stable, because I highly doubt players are getting systemically weaker) is making it more and more difficult. Frankly, I could stand to see a few more. Who's with me?