Hobson takes on high school player in dunk contest

The day after Darington Hobson declared for the NBA draft, the athletic New Mexico forward was challenged to a dunk contest by St. Pius X High player Kaelan Brennan and was happy to oblige.

Hobson visited the school for a speaking engagement, and KOB-TV has video of the best slams of the dunk session. Brennan proved to be a worthy competitor.

Not every dunk was successful. Three times, Hobson couldn't connect while leaping over another student, grazing his human prop on one occasion.

His words might have meant more.

Darington Hobson talked about a low point in his life, when he was playing for a junior college, not where he wanted to be. "If I didn't believe in myself I wouldn't be here," he said, He just declared for the NBA draft to take place on the upcoming weekend, and was not letting the doubters discourage him. He wakes up each day with the inspiration, "Prove myself."