Romar touches on issues with transfers

Washington coach Lorenzo Romar told reporters he was surprised, but not shocked by the transfer of guard Elston Turner.

The sophomore who hit big 3-pointers coming off the bench during the Huskies' late-season run into the Sweet 16, would have had a chance to compete for a starting role on a team that could contend for a Pac-10 title.

But Turner, the son of an NBA assistant coach, will move on and become one of at least a dozen players to transfer out of the Pac-10 this offseason. On the radio, he said he didn't want to be labeled a 3-point shooter and wanted to go somewhere to expand his overall game -- like closer to home at Texas A&M or Texas.

Why are so many players so restless these days? Yes, some of the players in the Pac-10 were dismissed or facing a complete lack of playing time. Others, however, had room to grow and minutes on the court to be earned.

Romar, who has seen players leave his program before, said that while this wasn't the case for Turner, a lot of times it's outside influences that make all the difference.

"The day something goes wrong or the week something goes wrong, that thought crosses people's minds. A lot of times it's not necessarily the player it's some other people talking about what you need to be doing. I think the era that we're in today, it happens quite a bit.

"It's amazing to me. I'll get calls in November, a kid is a freshman somewhere. Hey just letting you know so and so is unhappy at his school. It's November. He's a freshman. He just got there. I've had guys say when they sign that's not going to work. He won't be there long. You watch. You mark my words. And these are people in this kid's camp. So it's just something that goes around quite a bit. So it's not uncommon at all to talk about it let alone for kids to transfer."