Craig Robinson appears before the Colbert Nation

Oregon State coach Craig Robinson in promoting his memoir, "A Game of Character," was interviewed by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert on Wednesday.

And it's safe to say that in his time talking to the media in Corvallis, Michelle Obama's brother has never seen a line of questioning quite like the one he faced from Colbert, who at one point asked if President Obama could issue an executive order to have Oregon State stop calling the team the Beavers.

One exchange between Colbert and Robinson -- through laughter -- went like this regarding Michelle Obama:

Colbert: She’s been on the show. She’s a lovely lady, and I have to say that you guys look a lot alike.

Robinson: Thank you.

Colbert: You ever thought about popping on a wig and maybe some strappy sandals to get a better table at a restaurant?

Side-by-side pictures of Robinson and his sister then appeared in the background, with a wig placed on the Robinson side of the graphic.

Robinson: That’s cold.

Colbert: You could do the ribbon cutting or go to a state funeral or something like that.

Robinson: I make a very unattractive woman.

Colbert eventually went on a rant about Robinson:

"President brothers-in-law are supposed to be monumental screw-ups. You’re supposed to be embarrassments. You went to Princeton, you were a legendary player there. You went to Wall Street, you were successful. Now you’re the coach of the Oregon State basketball team. Why can’t you get with the game here and have like some sort of land fraud deal or put out a malt liquor with your face on it or something? You don’t understand what your role is, sir? Or was the scandal being on my show?"

At the moment of truthiness, Robinson broke down in such a fit of laughter that he could not continue the segment any longer.

Not that Robinson doesn't like to yuk it up with basketball writers. In fact, the idea that he might be approached about the Oregon job apparently produced a similarly hysterical reaction in The Oregonian.

"They're not that desperate, are they?" Robinson said, bursting into another fit of laughter.