What does Mark Titus do next?

Like all college graduates, Mark Titus has a world of uncertainty ahead of him. Titus built an empire around his Club Trillion blog, but now that his basketball career at Ohio State is over, he has to decide the future of what was, during his tenure, one of the funniest college hoops blogs anywhere and easily the best athlete-written blog of all time. What should Mark Titus do for an encore?

Turns out, he'll keep writing the blog. And in the meantime, he'll be establishing a scholarship specifically for college basketball walk-ons. This is the best idea of all time:

Because I lived it for two years, I know exactly what walk-ons have to go through, which is why I plan on starting the first ever scholarship exclusively for Division I basketball walk-ons. [...] As far as criteria for the scholarship, it’s pretty simple really. It will be given to the guy who essentially reminds me of myself the most. A majority of walk-ons try especially hard to fit in, are terrified of upsetting the coach, and are always a little uptight over just about anything. Guys like this will have no chance whatsoever at winning the scholarship. Instead, I’ll be looking for the guy who pulls pranks on his teammates, interrupts his head coach midsentence to make immature wisecracks, and knows the lyrics to at least ten Journey songs. Also, bonus points will be awarded for growing a sweet mustache during the season. I think you get the idea.

Titus says there are some issues with compliance to be ironed out; the scholarship might have to be given retroactively thanks to NCAA regulations. There's also the little matter of actually raising enough money to give a scholarship like this every year. But those are mere logistics, and in this case, the logistics are secondary. Let's celebrate the idea. The Mark Titus Scholarship For The Advancement Of Basketball Walk-Ons. That has a nice ring to it, huh?