Someone please draft Cameron Jones

Who's Cameron Jones, you ask? The Northern Arizona guard made the All-Big Sky first team by finishing his junior season second in the league averaging 19.3 points per game.

His plans to become a 6-foot-4 high school history teacher apparently on the backburner, Jones wants to get his name out there by declaring for the draft without hiring an agent.

"My goal is to get my name out and see if any teams are interested," Jones said in a statement. "It is mostly setting me up for life after my senior year of college basketball. Putting my name in will get my name out there and the scouts will be looking for me next year. I want to help my opportunity after college and my senior season."

Declaring you're returning for your senior season in a statement announcing you're declaring for the draft? Nicely done, and for that, The Associated Press and yours truly are happy to give you a few sentences of publicity.

Now all we need is an NBA team to get involved. Any takers?